New Recruit

“Heaven’s Angels” welcomes all players that have a healthy mindset and are willing to collaborate in our team effort. That being said, in order to function in j-space and actually fly with us, we need you to fulfill a mininum set of requirements (as seen below).

The “Recommended” skills are the next step after you can fly the Drekavac (T1 Precursor Battlecruiser). Moving forward, you may then choose to train for/fly any ship in accordance with our doctrine requirements and recommendations.

As a part of scanning, hunting and cloaky fleets you will need to be able to use covert ops cloaks. Which sadly means you need to be omega.

Entry level ship portfolio

Without a shred of doubt, the first question new HVEN players will put forward is: “what ships to bring in the hole? In what ship should I come?”
In anticipation of such dilemmas, the bare mininum is as follows, in order of importance and utility:

  1. Scanner/Exploration ship – you should aim for at least 100 scan points strength, with a max acquisition time of 6.2 seconds. CovertOps cloaking device is highly recommended.
  2. Venture – fitted for “gas huffing”.
  3. Exequror – for armor logistics support in regular C3-C4 ratting fleets.
  4. Any T1 Armor Battlecruiser with remote repairs for regular C3-C6 ratting fleet and/or Drekavac (highly recommended) for regular C5-C6 ratting fleets.
  5. T1 industrial for your PI/general hauling needs.
  6. Salvage ship – a cheap T1 destroyer does a good job.

How to apply

To apply for Heaven’s Angels [HVEN] follow the steps

  1. Auth and fill in an application form in
    1. Go to Applications -> Create application -> Heaven's Angels
  2. Send message to Cephast
  3. During the interview, we will require you to submit a short API verification.